Rooted in our love for people, service and food.

Owned by the Carinus family, Landtscap is a working farm with plum and citrus trees, and vineyards. The farm has been in the family for six generations, dating back to 1851. The family’s love and respect for the land, interwoven with a passion for people, has resulted in a way of life that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.


Piet is a food and wine enthusiast when he’s not managing the ins and outs of farming. Izette’s keen eye for beauty and her years as a florist mean that the venue is beautifully maintained, while her entrepreneurial spirit keeps her busy. Tammy and Melissa manage the venue, bringing their eye for detail and their willingness to serve. André, Herman and Bertram, the creative team behind Two Chefs, will woo your taste buds, while Elise makes sure every window sparkles and every corner is dusted.

Whether we’re managing our farm or maintaining our function venue, sustainability is something we take seriously. From environmental to social and economically sound principles, we want our farm to stand the test of time.

Environmental sustainability

We’ve long made use of ecologically sensitive farming methods, paying attention to how our soil is prepared, our trees and vineyards nurtured. So when it came to designing our wedding venue, it too needed to meet some very specific criteria. The brief: to build a venue that took advantage of the location, and that was low impact and low maintenance.


Our venue – perched so beautifully on top of a hill – has been designed with specific angles in order to keep light pollution to a minimum, and capitalise on South Africa’s abundant sunshine. We’ve installed heat pumps instead of geysers, a rooftop garden for insulation and incorporated low maintenance building materials and finishes.


We make recycling a priority, from kitchen waste to bottles, plastics and paper. And, our chefs use fresh and local produce as much as possible.

Social sustainability

Landtscap is an integral part of the surrounding community. We employ locally, and are involved in programmes that empower our workers and encourage community upliftment. Our farms are certified by FLO-CERT under the Fair Label Organisation (FLO) Standards that form part of Fairtrade.

Economic sustainability

We value local businesses and service providers, and use as many products made by small businesses as possible.