Our business philosophy includes the practice of a sustainable model and we pride ourselves in the systems already in place on the premises. This includes the following:

Environmental Sustainability

The vineyards of the Carinus family are grown and produced in accordance with ecologically sensitive farming methods. This involves the careful consideration as to how soils are prepared, nurturing of the vines and conserve non-agricultural lands. This considerate approach is part of the main philosophy of working with nature, where we produce wines, plums and mandarins sustainably and responsibly. We strive to use fresh and local produce and organic products at Landtscap as much as we can.

Recycling is also an essential priority at Landtscap as bottles, plastics and paper are all reused in line with company policy. We further recycle all our kitchen waste and work this back into our gardens and dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Social Sustainability

We endeavour to employ people from the surrounding farming community for events and functions at Landtscap. This not only involves the direct community in which we operate but the economic impact of our efforts is directly related to the size and scope of the events we host.

Our farms are certified by FLO-CERT under the Fair Label Organisation (FLO) Standards that form part of Fairtrade. The Fairtrade label stands for sustainability and justice in production and trade processes, which inspired us to facilitate the empowerment of our farmworkers and encourage community upliftment.

Economic Sustainability

We place a high value on our local businesses, support service providers in our social area and try to use as much small business products as possible.