Landtscap Winter Wedding Inspiration

Whatever the season may be or the weather might bring, Landtscap loves weddings and caterers to all. With winter only a few short months away, the Landtscap team shared their favourite winter wedding inspirations.

Fire Place

A romantic and fuzzy feeling comes alive when we think of our clients sitting in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine, warm soup or a slice of moist chocolate cake. Our rustic, yet modern fireplace, is a beautiful spot to end the evening, laughing with your loved ones as you relax in front of the warm fire.

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Creative Indoor Ceremonies

We love our indoor wedding ceremonies. Our venue is a blank space, which offer our clients space to be creative and add a personal touch or idea to their wedding day. We’ve had the most creative clients come into our space and transform it into a warm and romantic ceremony area. Our team is always amazed by the uniqueness that each couple bring to their indoor ceremony. Even if your ceremony ins’t outside on our lawn, the breath-taking view of Devon Valley is always an option, even with an indoor ceremony.


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Reception Venue

Landtscap is surrounded by breath-taking views, showing the Cape at its finest. When you’re at Landtscap you truly are surrounded by the beautiful views of Stellenbosch’ vineyards, orchards, and the mountains. However, you don’t always need to stand outside or on our deck to appreciate this picturesque scene. Our glass sliding doors and big windows make it possible for your to enjoy the landscape, even when you’re inside. Whether you’re enjoying a glass of wine on the deck or a meal in the venue, you’ll never lose site of the views. Our venue’s name isn’t Landtscap for nothing.

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Winter Menu

Our in-house chefs are known for making the utmost effort when working with a client’s needs. Landtscap’s chefs offer warm and satisfying menu options for winter. Our menus are also inspired by local ingredients, personalising your winter wedding even more.

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Coffee Station

Nothing beats warming up with a good cup of coffee. Coffee snobs we may be, but we all love to indulge in the aromas and taste of a well-brewed coffee. The coffee bar is always a great idea as guests arrive for the ceremony, for pre-drinks on the deck, as well as to be served with dessert.

Baristas working at a coffee bar at a wedding.

Hot Cocoa Station

Dark chocolate, mini-mallows, hot milk and fun straws. Hot chocolate is a fun addition to a coffee station.

Outdoor & Weather

We all worry about the weather, come summer come winter. A great way to take the worry away would be to include a large stretch tent over the deck. The stretch tent allows you to extend your time outside on the deck or on the lawn. This also gives you room to create a great outdoor lounge area for the late afternoon and in the evening.


Winter gifts are probably some of the most unique and practical gifts. Our favourites are blankets and special coffee blends. The guests love the blankets, and use them for both the ceremony and reception. The special blend of coffee, packaged for each couple or guest is such a great gift for winters. When guests go home, making their special coffee blend, they’ll definitely be remind of the beautiful bridal couple who gifted them with it.

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