At the order of the day

Over the years Landtscap has seen quite a few weddings. Every event special in its own way, with an unique atmosphere, decor details and entertainment. How different every wedding might be, there are some similarities that always prevail. Our very own event specialists, Tammy and Melissa, with their experience in the coordination of numerous nuptial days, have found that the order of the day has a huge influence on the overall enjoyment and flow of the occasion.

Here is their suggested order for a wedding day:

Cutting of the cake

This is a good icebreaker for when the couple enters the reception venue. Although not yet time for dessert, the photographer and all guests will be present to appreciate this special moment.

Serving of starters

Before the bubbly gets popped and speeches kicked off, it is advised to serve the starters. This will fire up the socialising as well as the digestive systems.

Set of speeches

Now that your guests are settled in, fed and in good spirits, they’ll be all ears for a few special words.

Serving of mains

Seen by many as one of the highlights of the day, it is crucial to get the timing of your mains just right. By this time, the men will likely be ready for a good plate of food, so make sure the chefs are ready to dish up.

Set of speeches

To keep the attention span of your guests and maintain the flow of the event, it is a good idea to space out the speeches. Squeeze in another few after dinner, before guests move to the dance floor.

Bouquet & Garter

Still a tradition at most wedding, the throwing of the bouquet and garter, is a fun activity for the younger crowd. A good way to keep the evening interesting and lively.

First dance

By this time guests will be ready to shake off their delectable meals on the dance floor, so it is advised for the bride and groom to open the floor with a romantic first dance, sooner rather than later.


Photo 1: Nadine Aucamp | Photo 2: Jenni Elizabeth | Photo 3: Bright Girl Photography | Photo 4: Tasha Seccombe | Photo 5: Nadine Aucamp | Photo 6: Bright Girl Photography | Photo 7: Mighty Fine Productions

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