Add flavour to you wedding day

Add flavour to you wedding day, yes in a very literal way, with a mouthwatering menu and designer drinks. Here are some of our tips for keeping things deliciously interesting.

Let them eat cake

Now, we wouldn’t necessarily agree with most of what Marie Antoinette uttered, but when it comes to eating cake, who are we to argue with royal blood? Cutting the wedding cake is an old tradition that still lives on in modern day weddings. Nowadays taking on shape in form of naked cakes, stacked profiteroles or even tiered cakes made up of cheese. We suspect to be seeing more semi-covered cakes in 2017, as well as layers of different flavour cakes. On the dessert menu, deconstructed sweet treats will feature as well as dessert walls covered in donuts, cake pops and bite-size confectioneries.

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Trendy tapas

This is a foodie trend that will continue in the year to come. There is something so inviting and festive about grabbing a small gourmet bite from a passing-by platter. This option means that couples don’t have to decide on only a single starter, but can choose a variety of delicious small eats that will do the rounds. Another good way to give guests a tasting and gathering experience is with food stations stacked with canapés.

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Craft, it’s all the buzz

Whether you’ve taken to the gin trend or prefer a locally made craft beer or cider, having an array of crafty drinks at your wedding is right on trend. This is also a great way to add a personal touch to your special day, choosing drinks that you enjoy as couple. This trend is all about giving guests an authentic experience, so think DIY gin stations or buckets filled with a selection of craft beers. Also keep non-alcoholic options in mind – sparkling water with mint and blueberries or lemon and rosemary are refreshing options.

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Dish up, dig in

Food is such a big part of any celebration. If you think back to some of the best parties you attended, the delicious menu always springs to mind. At Landtscap it is no different. With gourmet gurus Two-Chefs on board, the food is always a highlight of the day. To encourage interaction amongst guests and create a warm and festive atmosphere, they are presented with a selection of dishes placed on each table. Guests can them dish up and share in our mouthwatering menus.

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At Landtscap we have the talented Two Chefs team, dishing up one delectable meal after the other. Clients are treated to an exclusive tasting beforehand, where they are able to meet with the chefs, discuss menu options and most importantly taste! To find out more about our catering and to view our menu, click here. You are also welcome to contact us for more information.

Oh, we couldn’t agree more with this wise, and very fitting, quote:

“Enchant, stay beautiful and graceful, but do this, eat well. Bring the same consideration to the preparation of your food as you devote to your appearance, Let your dinner be a poem, like your dress.” – Charles Pierre Monselet


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