The Best Wedding Photographs 2012

Junebug Weddings is a popular wedding site that prides itself on promoting some of the best professionals in the industry, world wide.  For the past couple of years, they have hosted “The Best of the Best Wedding Photos” and we simply could not resist sharing some of these lovely pics with you.

We especially love how the different cultures still embrace wedding traditions and how the photographs capture all of these unique moments.  But what is really wonderful is how love, joy and happiness radiate in each picture!

Watch the next couple of post on the blog to see our favourites!

This bride looks as if she is being showered with gold dust…

Love this unusual pic and especially the contrast – finding beauty in an unusual setting!  You need to look really carefully to not miss the bride and groom!

Simply breathtaking!

Not sure what we like more, the picture or the beautiful champagne glass?!

Dreamy and whimsical…

Watch the blog for more beautiful pictures in the next week or so.

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