Landtscap Launch Menu

One of the things at Landtscap that we are passionate about and that we believe sets us apart from other wedding venues is our food – cooked from the heart and grown with care and conscious.  We have two menu options available, a fine dining menu with a slight twist and a more rustic, hearty menu.













For our launch, we decided to go with a simple but wholesome and slightly off beat approach and the menu included:

  • Sweet potato and coconut soup in cups, dressed with roasted coconut shavings
  • Smoked trout, pickled cucumber and rocket salads with garlic aioli dressing
  • Ciabata “sarmies” with rare roast beef, cambrini, wholegrain mustard & spinach
  • Ciabata “sarmies” with parma ham, sweet mustard, boerenkaas and baby leaves
  • Cape malay style chicken livers in roti’s with fresh coriander
  • Blue cheese,  roast pear, fig and almond brittle salad












The very professional staff of Absolute Staffing served guests throughout the evening with food, wine, bubbles and the beautiful bottled water.

All food was served as snacks that guests could have whilst socializing and relaxing.  It is a great alternative for the non-traditional wedding or dinner party and guests loved it – especially the wrapped sandwiches where very popular!  After all, who does not love a fresh slice of bread with gourmet toppings?

Catering was done by Missmac’s  (Rina @ 0829240170)

Photography by ZaraZoo


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