Clos Malverne Spa

As part of our sustainability theme and in line with our Landtscap philosophy, we encourage our customers to support other local businesses in the Devon Valley.  We strongly believe in this mutually beneficial community approach and in the end, the benefits ultimately extend to you, our guest.

Our kind neighbours at Clos Malverne has put together a special package for Landtscap clients and we are very excited to invite you for the ultimate relaxing experience at their Spa. The big, private wet-room is ideal for brides that would like to treat her girls to a spa session all together. Add to that a bottle of Clos Malverne wine and you have a perfectly indulgent day!

Clos Malverne offer the below packages and the prices are applicable if you have a function booked with Landtscap.

Bridal (3h15) @ R750

Full spa manicure
Full spa pedicure
Full body exfoliation
Back massage or spraytan

Bridal Party Option 1 (2h30) @ R450

Back, neck and shoulder massage
Mini manicure and pedicure
Steam room
Refreshments, relax on deck or next to pool

Bridal Party Option 2 (2h30) @ R 520

Swedish massage
Steam room
Bath therapy
Refreshments, relax on deck or next to pool





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