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A green roof/wall or living roof/wall is a roof/wall of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium. Through the ages people with limited space and a passionate desire for a garden have come up with all sorts of ways to grow plants vertically (ivy-covered walls, up trellises, in hanging baskets, over archways), but these days, living roofs and walls have become much more common and not just something that over zealous “greenies” do!

One of the most special features at Landtscap is our living roof.  It is in it’s infant stage, but we where so excited to plant the first of the plants there last week and will be watching the growth of this unique element with anticipation and awe!


A living roof might not be attainable to all, but a green wall is much easier to acquire and you can make it as big or as small as you wish.  This is a nice little DIY and recycle project and a perfect way to grow some herbs for the kitchen if you have limited space.

Building a green wall Step by Step

1.  Collect a number of two-litre soft drink bottles that have a groove in the base. Anything smaller will not be able to hold enough soil to nourish the plant for a suitable length of time.

2.  Cut the bottles in half at an angle. Fill them with some soil and plant each with a plant of your choice.







3.  Build a wall consisting of two parallel metal frames (joined at intervals to keep them upright) with squares big enough to hold a single bottle. Position the wall where it is sheltered from wind, but receives adequate sunlight. Rest the bottles between the two frames with the base sitting on the inner framework. The bottles are supported well by the frame, but you can use a clip just to make sure they don’t shift





4.  Water the plants regularly by hand of with an irrigation system.







Pictures and directions for the green wall from here.

Play around with herbs and succulents and soon you might have something as beautiful as this…and keep watching our blog and Facebook page for updates on our roof!


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